First Day: God the Father 


Opening prayer: 

Holy Spirit, inspire me; 

Love of God, consume me; 

On the true path, lead me; 

Mary my mother, look upon me; 

With Jesus, bless me; 

From all evil, from all illusion, 

from all danger, preserve me. 


Thoughts of Mariam: 


Seek God alone without dwelling upon anything created. 

If you speak, do so as if you were not speaking.- If you listen, do so as if you were not listening. 

God alone is all. The creature is but nothingness and sin. All here below are vanities, because all that passes is nothing. 

At the moment of death, how sorry we shall be for not having taken advantage of the time allotted to us. (“Thoughts”, p. 20) 


We pray with Mariam: 


I know well, Lord, that You strike us against Your will but your justice is more powerful. 

Enough, Lord, have mercy on us. Don’t treat us according to Your justice, but according to Your Mercy. (“Thoughts”, p. 21) 


Saint Mariam, worries and concerns moves my heart. I bring them to you, so that you present them to our Lord Jesus Christ, and intercede for me. 

(Mention your requests in silence) 


Our Father – Hail Mary – Glory 



Final Prayer: 


God, our Father, through the intercession of Saint Mariam, and through my trust in Your Divine Son, I present to you all my concerns. I do not know whether what I have asked is according to Your Holy Will, my Heavenly Father. So with Jesus in the garden of Getsemani I say: 

“Thy will be done, not mine” 

Be close to me through Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  


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