In 2018, the sisters of the Carmel of the Holy Child Jesus monastery and the family of Mary group united and presented the world with a small gift. The gift was child Jesus holding light in one hand and peace in the other giving them to the world. These gifts were dedicated in a special mass attended by the nuns of the monastery and the group. During the mass, they asked God to bring peace, love and light to all the houses that these gifts will enter. They sent this gift to most countries of the world. The group also participated in the Christmas market of Bethlehem and Beit Jala to greet the visitors of the city and to give out the child Jesus in the name of the monastery and nuns with a greeting card written in four languages:

Jesus is light, love and peace.

His birth is a reminder for us that we were created in His image and it is a call to follow His example and be the love, the light and the peace in the world.

May the little infant of Bethlehem grant you love, light and peace.

The message that was sent out with the gifts to the world was:

The people, who walked in darkness, have seen a great light.” (Isaiah 9:2)

Let the world rejoice and be praised, my brothers and sisters, because God did not wish to leave the world living in darkness. He sent, “His Word”, light and peace to the whole world to save all those who perished.

In Bethlehem, the light of Christmas was brightened, a great light which lit the night of those who were living in darkness and waiting for God’s salvation.

From Bethlehem, the city of light and peace, we send you the infant Jesus, carrying in his hands the light and peace to fill your hearts, your families, your countries and the whole world in its peace and its wondrous light.

A glorious Christmas and a New Year filled with light, compassionate love and peace.

Sr. Ferial of the Infant Jesus and

Group of St. Mary of Jesus Crucified

Prayer + Love = Peace

Carmel of the Holy Child Jesus

Bethlehem, Palestine

The gifts were sent to various countries around the world, the below photos are from the Monasterio de Carmelitas descalzas tlacopac, México

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