Thoughts of St. Mary of Jesus Crucified

  1. Seek God alone without dwelling upon anything created. If you speak, do so as if you weren’t speaking; if you listen, do so as if you weren’t listening. God alone is all; the creature is but nothingness and sin. All here below is vanity, because all that passes is nothing. At the moment of death, how sorry we shall be for not having taken advantage of the time alloted to us!…
  1. To what can I compare You, my God. To the ocean? That isn’t enough.

If all the earth is to be refreshed, one single drop of water isn’t enough. Thus, the love of all hearts isn’t enough for You, my God.

I’m the drop of water and You’re the ocean. I desire to have a heart larger than the earth and sea to love You!…

  1. I saw our Lord, Jesus, poor, sad, suffering and searching for a lodging, and he said to me: “ I’m searching for a lodging, a home and no one wants to receive Me. As soon as I present Myself, they chasse me away. Even you sometimes drive Me out of your heart. Oh! If I could find someone who would but work solely for My glory, I would do anything for him”…

4. I see my brother selling the Beloved. Oh my brother, how could you sell Jesus to satisfy your pleasure, your interests, to running along Satan’s tracks, which is the road to hell.

O my brother, if you want to sell the Beloved, I shall buy Him…

O Savior, I shall buy you with my tears, with obedience, with humility, with charity, with sacrifice, with death, and most of all with the purest love of my neighbor…

I f I do that, I shall be able to buy You from those who sell You…

  1. When you’re preparing for Communion, you should consider who it is that is coming to You. It’s Jesus who is coming, Jesus so good, Jesus so lovable, so gentle and at the same time so great, so powerful, so beautiful!…

To whom does He come? He comes to you, who’re nothing but dust. He comes to give Himself to you, to make Himself one with you.

When you possess Him in your heart, think that you’re like the Vierge carrying Jesus in Her womb. During the day, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, Whom you recieved in the morning.

  1. This morning (14 November 1871) I was feeling low in spirits, because I didn’t feel the presence of God. It seemed to me that my heart was like iron. I couldn’t think of God; I invoked the Holy Spirit, saying: “ It’s You who made us know Jesus, the Apostles spent a long time with Him, without ever comprehending Him; but the fire You sent down on them made them understand Him, You’ll also make me understand Him.

“Come my consolation; come, my joy; come, my peace, my strength and light. Come, give me the light to find the spring where I can quench my thirst. When ray of Your light is enough to shwo me Jesus as He is.

“Jesus has said that You’ll come to ignorant; I’m the first and foremost of all ignorant. I ask You for no other learning, nor any other wisdom than the knowledge of how to find Jesus and the wisdom of remaining with Him”.

And I felt that the fire burn a little in my heart. The Holy Spirit refuses me nothing.

7. I saw a dove before me and above it, an overflowing chalice, as if there was a spring within it; and the overflow watered the dove and washed it.

At the same time, I heard a voice coming from this most admirable light, it said: “ If you want to look for Me, to know Me, and to follow Me, invoke the Light, the Holy Spirit who has enlightened My disciples and enlightens all those who invoke Him…

“ I tell you truly, that whoever invokes the Holy Spirit will search and find Me, and it’s through Him, that He’ll do so. His conscience will as delicate as the flower in the field. If he’s the father or mother of a family, peace will be in his family and he’ll have peace in his heart in this world and in the next; he won’t die in darkness but peace.

“ I ardently desire you to say that all priests who say the Mass of the Holy Spirit once a month will honor Him. And whoever honors Him and participate in this Mass will be honored by the Holy Spirit Himself, because light in him; he’ll find peace in the depths of his soul. The Holy Spirit will come and heal the sick and awaken those who sleep…

8.a- I should like to have lips that have been purified by fire to pronounce the name of Mary, and a gold pen to write it in gold letters.

8.b- The angel of the Lord appears to Mary to announce Her Divine Maternity. The Virgin, enlightened by the power of God, felt humbled to think that the Creator of Heaven and earth was going to become Her Son. The Angel spoke to the Virgin; each time the Angel spoke to Her, Mary humbled Herself.

O Mary, how humble You’re, and how lovable in your humility!

  1. Mary was also a model of faith. Oh, how pleasing that faith was to the Heavenly Father! It was her faith that made Jesus grow in Her more each day.

If we have such faith, Jesus will also grow in our hearts. Because of Her humility, Mary feels unworthy to become the Mother of God.

  1. On earth, children can’t be born without a mother; it’s a woman who brings them into the world. And it’s a also a woman who brings us into heaven. And this woman is Mary. Ever since the Fall men have been waiting for the Fruit of Mary, the Fruit of the Gentle, the Humble, Holy Virgin. May you be blessed, Mary, may you be blessed!…
  1. At the feet of Mary, my dearest mother, I found life again.

Oh, all you who suffer, come to Mary, at the feet of Mary, I found life again.

Your salvation your life are at the feet of Mary.

O you who work in this monastery, Mary counts your steps and your sweat, say to yourselves: At the feet of Mary, I found life again.

You who lives in this monastery, detach yourselves of all that’s of this world, your salvation and your life are at the feet of Mary.

You who live in this monastery, Mary says to you: My child, I have chosen you out of a million; out of a million, I have placed you in my temple.

At the feet of Mary, You’ll find life again. Mary tells you: “ I have put you in my temple, you’ll never be hungry, you’ll never be thirsty; I’ll give you nourishment, the Flesh, the Blood of the Innocent”.

At the feet of Mary, I found life again.

You who say that I’m an orphan, see: I have a Mother in the heights of heaven. Blessed child with such a Mother!….

At the feet of Mary, I found life, I dwell in the compassionate depths of my Mother. There I find my Beloved: Am I then an orphan? In the presence of Mary, I find life…

The serpent, the dragon wanted to catch me and take my life…

But at the feet of Mary, in this monastery I found life again.

Mary calls me, and in this monastery, I’ll always stay.

At the feet of Mary I find life again….

  1. I’m the daughter of the Church. Oh! How the prayers of the priest give me joy!

In the priest, I see only God. I don’t look for the knowledge the priest has but for the virtues in him…

I saw three lighted candles and I became aware of a priest saying Mass. And it seemed to me that I saw that a letter of gold was written on each candle.

The letter written on the first candle signified poverty, that on the second signified chastity, and on the third, obedience.

I saw that the three candles also represented the Holy Family; the candle of poverty represented Saint Joseph, that of chastity, Mary and that of obedience, Jesus.

At that moment I became aware that the flames of the three candles were burning between the throne of God and myself.

I saw the flame of poverty in heaven presenting infinite riches before God; that of chastity, immense purity and enjoyment and that of obedience, a most powerful authority before which all bowed down and obeyed.

And I also saw that to pass in front of and stand before God, it was necessary to hide behind the flames of poverty, chastity and obedience which are found between God and us.

As one passed or stood behind these flames, the image of Jesus Christ was stamped or engraved upon us. And God, who had turned aside man since the Fall, could now look at us through Jesus , because He no longer sees us but the image of Jesus in us.

  1. I should like to have a heart greater than the universe!

O Love, O Love, O Love! Love is not known, Love is not loved!

Let us love Love, let us love Love!…

Him alone, Him alone!…

Mother, everyone is sleeping. And God, so full of goodness, so great, so worthy of praise, is forgotten! No one thinks of Him!

See, nature praises Him; the sky, the stars, the trees, the grass, everything praises Him but man, who knows His works, man who should be praising Him- is sleeping!…

My heart sighs in ardent desires waiting for my Beloved.

I ask the heavens, and all those who are created on earth: where He lives, my Beloved?

All have responded: Within upright heart and humble spirit.

Oh, His thoughts Omnipotent! His gaze is merciful!

I was oratory before the Blessed Sacrement. I had a great desire to do something to please Jesus, and I said to Him: “ Lord Jesus, what should I do to please and serve you!”

And a voice answered: “ Serve your neighbor and you’ll be serving me.”

I asked a second time: “ Lord, what should I do to love You?”

The voice replied: “ Love your neighbor and you’ll be loving Me. Serve your neighbor and you’ll be serving Me; love your neighbor and you’ll be loving Me. I f you do this I shall know that you trunly love Me.”

  1. Where charity prevails, there God is found. If you’re thinking of doing good to your brother and sister, God will be thinking of you. If you dig a hole for them, you’ll be the one to fall in there; it’ll be for you. But if you make life a heaven for them, you’ll be making it for yourself too. Remember that…
  1. I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty for Jesus alone! Blessed are the souls who suffer in secret, their suffering is known only to God…

O how I love a soul who’s suffering with patience, hidden alone with God! ….

When do we give something to God, we should never take it back!

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