Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified visited Egypt from January 21 to February 8, 2017.

The relics were sent to various churches and were received by a large number of believers.


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The Holy Land / Alitya ( After visiting Jordan and Lebanon, here are the ordnance of St. Mary of Jesus the Crucified, patron of peace in the Holy Land and the Middle East, visiting the beloved Egypt, which embraced the Holy Family with all love after the birth of the Lord became a home of saints.
Here is Mary, Jesus crucified, returning to Egypt where she grew up and grew by faith and holiness. Here Mary lived martyrdom for her faith and tested the intervention of Heaven and her wonderful healing at the hands of the Virgin who told her everything that was waiting for her in her life on earth. Just as Jesus returned from Egypt to Nazareth to proceed later to all the nations, he carried the message of salvation. Thus Mary went to Jesus, who was crucified from Egypt, to complete the will and plan of God. The longing for this meeting with the faithful of Egypt is a longing and mutual love between the saint and the great people of Egypt through his faith.
Pope John Paul II declared her the patron of peace in the Holy Land and the Middle East. She is now roaming the Middle East carrying the message of peace: “Prayer + love = peace”
Today we see them embracing the faithful and the churches of Egypt in all their sects, spreading blessings and blessings on them and planting peace in hearts, in the family, in the Church, in the Middle East and throughout the world.
Her visit to the land of Egypt culminated in a special meeting with His Holiness Pope Twadrous II, who welcomed the most beautiful Palestinian welcome, adorned with the spirit of love, humility, faith and paternity we have always cherished. His Holiness expressed his admiration and support for the motto and message of the saint’s visit and blessed all those who attended the meeting and all those who were present, especially Sister Frial of the child Jesus, the official accompaniment of the ammunition by the child of Jesus in Bethlehem.
At the end of the visit Sister Frial presented an ammunition from the saint to His Holiness the Pope to keep this ammunition witness to this wonderful historical meeting which carries the message of prayer, love, unity and peace within the Church.
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Egypt Convent of Franciscan Sisters in Mount Asyut


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